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[2012-10-09]Presentations given during the IMC2012 in La Palma

During the International Meteor Conference 2012 held in La Palma, several members from the BRAMS team gave a talk. If you are interested, you can download on the presentations:

[2012-08-20]New BRAMS station in Leuze-Eghezée

A new BRAMS station has been set up in Leuze-Eghezée. Thanks to Jean-Pol Vandijck for taking care of the local installation. Below are some pictures of the station.

[2012-06-26]Meeting LORMS in Lille

On 26 June, there was a LORMS meeting at the Lille Observatory where I was invited to present the BRAMS project. Besides the local participants, Jean-Louis Rault and Jérémie Vaubaillon (from IMCCE) were also present. After a short presentation of the current radio meteor activities at the Observatory of Lille (listening to the Ieper beacon on 49.99 MHz), I presented BRAMS and encouraged the local participants to set up a BRAMS station with the same material as the one we used for our receiving stations. The discussions in the afternoon led to the conclusion that the Lille Observatory is very much willing to join the BRAMS network officially.

Jean-Louis Rault also presented his REFORME project and Jérémie Vaubaillon discussed the FRIPON and PODET-MET projects.

Thank you to Florent Deleflie and Jean-Claude Pesant for inviting me, welcoming me at the Observatory of Lille and I look forward to our collaboration within the BRAMS network in the next few months.

[2012-06-21]New BRAMS station at the Cosmodrome in Genk

We have set up a new BRAMS station at the Cosmodrome in Genk. Thanks to Seppe Canonaco for the help for the local installation.

[2012-06-09]Annual BRAMS meeting in MIRA

Each year we will organize a BRAMS meeting on a saturday. The meeting is open to all BRAMS users and we will discuss the recent developements and the forthcoming activities. This year we organized it at the MIRA observatory in Grimbergen. Thank you very much to MIRA and in particular to Philippe Mollet for welcoming us and providing us with their facilities.

Below you can find the presentations that were given in the morning:

[2012-05-29]New BRAMS station at the "Centre Astronomique Mosan" in Dinant

We have set up a new BRAMS station at the Centre Astronomique Mosan in Dinant. Thanks to Jean-Pol Vandijck for the help for the local installation.