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[2011-10-04]The metallic reflecting grid in Dourbes

The 8m x 8m metallic grid has been installed in Dourbes. Very nice job from our engineering staff. Now we try to analyze the influence of this change of the radiation pattern on the number of plane echoes, their intensity and on the intensity of the carrier.

[2011-10-04]A new BRAMS station in Mons

Thank you to Francesco Lo Bue and Peter Meurisse for hosting the station at the University of Mons and helping us to install the material.

[2011-08-25]A new BRAMS station in Humbeek

Thank you to Rik Blondeel for setting up and hosting the station in Humbeek.

[2011-08-09]The metallic reflector grid for the beacon in Dourbes is under construction

Our engineering team in the workshop has now started building a 8m x 8m metallic grid which will strongly improve the radiation pattern of the beacon antenna. Currently too much power is emitted at small elevation angle resulting in a very intense carrier signal and a lot of strong plane echoes. With this grid, the situation will improve a lot (see tests in the news from 07/06/2011). Below are two pics of one 2m x 2m block of the future metallic grid. The picture on the right is a picture from above.

[2011-08-09]Two new BRAMS stations in Hove (Urania) and Corbais

Thank you to Stijn Calders and Urania to host the station in Hove, and to Patrick Mertens to host the station in Corbais.

[2011-08-07]A picture from the BRAMS station in Kappelle-Op-Den-Bos

This station has been installed a few months ago but here is a picture. Thanks to Marteen Vanleenhove for providing this picture and hosting the station.

[2011-08-02]A new BRAMS station at the Euro Space Center in Redu (Transinne)

Another station has been installed at the Euro Space Center. Thank you very much to Dominique Gering for hosting the station and helping with the installation. Below you can find pictures of the antenna.

[2011-08-02]A new BRAMS station in Jalhay

Another station has been installed in Jalhay for the GAS ( Groupe d'Astronomie de Spa. Thank you very much to Christian Francise and Emmanuel Jehin for hosting the station and/or helping with the installation. Below you can find pictures of the antenna and first "lights".

[2011-07-29]A new BRAMS station in Ophain

Another station has been installed in Ophain on the site of CCRM. Thank you very much to Christophe Visée for this installation and for providing me the pictures below : a picture of the antenna and a first "light".

[2011-07-11]A new BRAMS station in Langemark

Another station has been installed by Franky Dubois in Langemark. Thank you so much. Below is a picture of the antenna and a first "light". There is also a link to Franky's website about BRAMS.

Website BRAMS of Franky Dubois

[2011-07-07]BRAMS in the newspaper(s)

Following a press conference held at the Euro Space Center, several newspapers were interested to ask me questions about BRAMS. The first paper was published 2 days ago by Le Soir :

"Ecouter" les étoiles filantes

Another one will be published soon (August?) in La Libre Belgique.

[2011-07-04]Station nearly ready in Neuchateau

The receiving station is nearly ready in Neuchateau. Only the PC must be installed and configured. The first tests will be done in about 2 weeks. Below is a picture of the antenna and of the nice installations of the OCA (Observatoire Centre Ardennes).

[2011-06-23]New stations active in Ramsel and Overpelt

A new station has been installed recently by Patrick Luyten in Ramsel. We have also installed a station in Overpelt. Pictures below. Thanks to Patrick and Lucas Pellens.

[2011-06-15]New stations active in Lembeek and Tessenderlo

Two new stations have been installed recently by the users themselves in Lembeek and Tessenderlo. Thanks respectively to Roland Oeyen and Willy Camps for setting up the stations. Below you can see pictures of their installations as well as some snapshots obtained with SpectrumLab (Lembeek on top, Tessenderlo in the bottom).

[2011-06-07]Solar flare visible in BRAMS data

This morning, an M2.5 solar flare peaked at 06:30 UT. It was visible on BRAMS data. Thanks to Felix Verbelen for sending us this picture.

[2011-06-07]Test of the beacon in Dourbes : more data from various stations

During the tests with the beacon on 12/05, several receiving stations were listening. You can see some examples below, respectively for Willy Camps (Tessenderlo) and Felix Verbelen (Kampenhout). They illustrate the nice improvements due to the add of the reflector.

[2011-05-17]Test of the beacon in Dourbes

Last thursday (12/05), we made some tests with the beacon in Dourbes to simulate a metallic reflector of size 6m x 6m and 8m x 8m (using aluminium sheet of papers).

  • The beacon was shut down at 12h15 local time (10h15 UT). First image below shows data before the shutdown.
  • The test with the 8m x 8m "grid" was made from 15h15 (13h15 UT) to 15h45 (13h45UT). See second image below.
  • The test with the 6m x 6m "grid" was made from 15h52 (13h52 UT) to 16h00 (14h00UT). See third image below.

The spectrograms clearly show that the direct signal is strongly attenuated (although still visible) and the number of reflections on planes has also strongly decreased. The intensity of the plane echoes is also strongly reduced.

[2011-04-13]Installation of the individual stations

We started this week the installation of the first receiving stations of BRAMS. The first one was successfully installed on 11/04/11 in Kampenhout at Felix Verbelen's house. Then the second one was installed on 12/04/11 on the roof of MIRA's observatory in Grimbergen. Below you can see 2 pictures from the antenna on the roof of MIRA and 1 picture of the station in Kampenhout. We will contact each of you individually when we are ready to install the material at your local place or when the material is ready to be picked up at BIRA.